All Stages, All Support

As an investment subsidiary of Digital Garage, Inc. (TSE first section: 4819), we support a wide stage of startups from establishment to IPO. We make seed investments through our Open Network Lab Seed Accelerator Program and early-to-late stage investments via DG Ventures.


Open Network Lab

Bootstrap to Early Stage

Onlab’s Seed Accelerator Program is an intensive, three-month program designed for highly skilled and ambitious entrepreneurs. Based in Tokyo, the program supports startups through funding, office space, and other related facilities along with a highly specialized group of mentors that provides business support. As the oldest accelerator program in Japan, Onlab has identified patterns that lead to startup failures, and insights and case studies that lead to growth and success.

DG Ventures

Early To Late Stage

DGV provides risk money to unlisted private companies with high growth potential mainly in the Internet field. Our company invests using its own funds, not as a fund. Therefore, this investing style allows flexible funding without restrictions on the period, stage, nationality, etc.

About “All Support”

Not only being an investment firm, DG Ventures will also be a C(Comprehensive)VC, VC that can provide a variety of growth supports. Using various human resources and know-how, we provide growth supports such as providing strategic advice, corporate governance support, recruitment support, and overseas expansion support. We will also create synergies with Digital Garage and its affiliated company,, while actively engaging in business collaboration.

All of those above are some examples we can provide. We will provide necessary support in flexible style, based on the stage of company.

Global Incubation Stream

Supporting the global development of startup companies
“Global Incubation Stream”

Making the most of the global network that Digital Garage has built up so far, we are going to discover and nurture startup companies are active in the global market.