MX Technologies Inc.

MX Technologies, Inc. offers a PFM (personal financial management) tool for financial institutions, namely banks in the United States, to provide customer-centric banking relationships. MX’s flexible PFM tool can be used on any smartphone device and operating system, and clients using its PFM system can change and personalize user interface according to their needs. MX delivers data aggregation, data cleansing, auto-categorization, classification, money management, custom API, data analytics, marketing, UI and more. In addition, MX offers an extensive array of client services, ranging from training to custom marketing services.

Founded in 2010, MX is a five time winner of Finovate, the world’s largest Fintech startup conference. MX currently partners with more than 500 financial institutions and is the market leader in this space.

United States
Fin Tech


MX has been selected as Best Tech Startups in Utah
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