DGV Investee company of Asia came to visit Japan! Pitch and Party

We invited the management of the investee companies of Asian countries to our office and threw a Pitch and Party.

Special event for DGV family!

We invited the investee companies of Asian companies and held an event on November 20th.

Eight companies in total came to visit our office. We served Sushi made by Itamae on the 9th floor of our office after the project pitches and the feedbacks.

DGV’s Asian portfolio includes Healthians, having raised their money by DGV, Mistletoe, TOKYO MARIN NICHIDO, and Sendo which is known to be expanding their Vietnam’s top EC site.

They had the opportunities of having the private sessions and the counseling with our representative Mr. Hayashi.

As DGV’s investee companies, they made the connections between them and also with our staff member.