Onlab Year End Party 2019 | Startup Event Report

Open Network Lab (Onlab below) is Japan’s first Seed Accelerator Program aiming to cultivate a startup that can be accepted by the world. We will share the circumstances of the Onlab Year End Party 2019🎄, held on 23rd Dec.

Even though it was the end of the year, 125 of the Onlab alumni and secretariat participated! Meeting old friends who participated in the same program, and stimulated by every word spoken by entrepreneurs, it was a fully- motivating event.

“Onlab Legend Talk” presented by Fukuyama-san (FOND CEO) and Oota-san (Giftee CEO)

(From left)Taro-san, Ohta-san, Sasaki-san from Onlab

Giftee CEO🎁, which achieved IPO recently, and by Onlab 3rd-term member Fond Fukuyama-san 🇺🇸(@taro_f), the first Japanese graduate of Y Combinator, the talk was moderated by Sasaki-san, the Onlab Evangelist. Thank you for sharing the hard things you guys have gone through since the foundation of Onlab.

Mr. Maeda, participant of the event tweeted

There seems to be a lot of hard things, even though it seems to be going well. The Onlab students paid close attention to their stories to solve their difficulties. The fact that such a theme can be shared within the community is evidence that each entrepreneur is seriously taking their business seriously.

 “Onlab Leader’s talk” presented by the former program directors!

“Onlab Leader’s Talk” by ALL STAR SAAS FUND Hiro-san (@djtokyo), the former secretariat Takayoshi Matsuda-san (@takayoshi_mats), and the current secretariat Naoki Sato-san (@naokisato31), who helped launch Onlab. They shared the transition from the launch of the first Axela in Japan to the present and they’re shared off the record stories that they couldn’t say at the time.

Just like any other startups, Onlab has a lot of interesting stories over the decade, such as changes in the startup environment and how to assemble the accelerator. Those stories were interesting that the entire Onlab secretariat couldn’t help them not listening to it. Impressed that the management team has come through many tough situations.

Tweet by Shoji Miyata

That’s right!

Hiro’s real name, surprisingly unknown … is Hironori. We were fascinated by Hiro’s tremendous ability to put ideas into action.

All Onlab student startups from the 1st to 19th periods

I’m sorry that I can’t introduce all of them … I’ll introduce the startups who came to the event in order! Thank you, Onlab students!

Mr. Umino of the fourth term as well as former-Fril


Thank you for the perfect lightning talk (apologies for asking you to do it,,), even though you participated in a busy situation.

I felt the synchronized, love for the fourth term …

BetterEngage Ishihara-san from the 15th term

Mr. Ishihara from the 15th term of SaaS “BetterEngage” that enhances employee experience. He gave me much advice to achieve the goal of the Onlab community, lol.

The 14th-year student Cansell Yamashita-san, who recently announced a partnership with Travelko and Trip Advisor, is a sense of stability as a lord.

BULB Abe-san who won the Best Award at the 1st Batch of the Onlab twin program “Onlab Resi-Tech”; specialized in the real estate area.

From the left, LINK company Mr. Mizuno from the 16th-term who runs the private helper service “Ichiro”, Obata-san from the 16th-term who runs the cloud phone “pickupon” equipped with automatic call content input AI, and Mr. Fuji of 16th-term ShareTable who runs the matching app “Sango” for mothers, Mr. GrooveTech Yano from the 16th-term, and Mr. Takeda; member of Curio; from the 19th-term company, who operates the workspace search service “Daysk”. A new generation that will drive Onlab in the future!

Yoshida-san, who runs “matsuri technologies” of Hotel x Real Estate Tech that raised 580 million yen in October 2019 Mr. Yoshida; The person who changed the most😳He was also mentioned in the leader’s Talk session … 👀

Eiko of Platinum Career, a 3rd gen and consecutive entrepreneur,

Osuka-san, a 19th-term student who runs “Precal” which eliminates the pharmacy’s largest administrative tasks

Umino-san of Increments (Qiita) who will retire soon in 2019, Thank you for your hard work.

In 2020, Onlab will continue to support startups!

The next year 2020 will be the 10th anniversary of Onlab! We will increase the number of members and aim to support graduates and improve the program. After 10 years, we will work together to create a new Onlab for the next era!!

At last…

The Onlab e-mail magazine provides information on graduates’ activities and study sessions for startups. I will pledge to improve the content and deliver it next year, so please register at this opportunity!

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